Monday, 29 August 2011

Cafe Cre Asion @ Surry Hills


As you would know macarons are one of my favourite things, and I want to try them from all different places around Sydney. So after a nice dining experience at District Dining we went to the Cafe Cre Asion (21 Alberta St Surry Hills), which opened in June to try the macarons. The website is still under construction but there is hope it will be up and running in no time.

Cafe Cre Asion is located about a 10 minute walk from Central station, or 5 minute walk from Museum Station. It is somewhat hidden, so make sure you keep a look out for it. On chocolatesuze blog there is an image of the shop front. (

          Caramel, rum & raisin, charcoal bamboo with black sesame (x2), jasmine, green tea, peanut butter, and pistachio

To our dismay, the above flavours were the only flavours available at the time (2pm, so if you want to try as many flavours as you can I would advise to go earlier in the day). But Cafe Cre Asion is known to have flavours such as cranberry, lemonade, red bean, white miso and other interesting concoctions. 

The macarons are more expensive than those from Adriano Zumbo or Baroque Bistro. Each at a price of $2.70 each, or 8 for $21 and 14 for $40. 

Thoughts on flavours:
Caramel - I am glad that it was pure caramel and not a salted caramel macaron. It had a bit of a burnt caramel taste which was actually pleasant to the palate.
Run & raisin - Dried fruit and run aren't my favourite things so this macaron wasn't that nice for me. But I am sure others would rather enjoy the flavour.
**Charcoal bamboo with black sesame - I am not quite sure what charcoal bamboo is meant to taste like, but this macaron was rather enjoyable. The taste of black sesame was strong but taste light at the same time.  
**Jasmine - If you love Jasmine Tea you would love this macaron. It had the taste of jasmine tea as soon as it hits your tongue with every bite allowing you to taste the tea sensation.
**Green Tea - Green Tea has become one of my new favourite flavours, and this macaron adds to that element. As with all green tea flavoured food, you would expect a hit of flavour and that is what you get. It was bitter-sweet which provided a great balance.
Peanut Butter - This macaron had a very strong peanut taste. I think for a more subtle peanut flavour there could have been a bit of chocolate ganache, because most people love chocolate and peanuts combines. It was still a good flavour, just a tad sickening.
Pistachio - You can never go wrong with a pistachio macaron. It is one of the safest flavours 
anyone can eat (other than chocolate). It is always what you expect and never any lesson.

NOTE: The ** means they were my favourite flavours

The textures of all the macarons were soft, and the ganache was made to a great consistency. It is a wonderful treat after a long day of work or uni, or if you are in need of a macaron hit. Next time I go, I am hoping to be able to try some of the other concoctions of flavours. We all love a good macaron, and Cafe Cre Asion will definitely satisfy.

Good food, good times!


chocolatesuze 29 August 2011 at 23:27

mmm macarons make me happy :D

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