Saturday, 24 September 2011

Wagaya Japanese Restaurant @ Haymarket


For Patrick's birthday I planned a surprise. But first was to to go to Wagaya (Level 1, 78-86 Harbour St Haymarket NSW 2000) for dinner. It is a modernised Japanese restaurant with a great atmosphere. And the best thing about it is the touch screen menu. Everything is ordered by the touch of a button and that also includes receiving the bill.
There is over 100 different items on the menu from all different sushi & sashimi to ramen and also the option of hot pot. Here is a few of the lovely wagaya wonders.

Scallop and garlic fried rice $10.90
A basic and delicious rice dish that goes with everything on the menu. A great way to start the Japanese feast.

Lightly grilled salmon sushi $8.30

Rainbow roll $10.30
One of the more popular and nice sushi roll. Filled with colour and different types of seafood delights on the top including prawn, salmon, king fish and tuna.
Deep fried chicken Karaage $7.30
Deep fried goodness! Karaage chicken can never disappoint and everyone loves a good friend piece of chicken.

Salmon Sashimi $7.30

Spider roll $9.40

Home made Gyouza $6.50 (for 5)

Ika fri $7.90

Chicken nankotu $6.50
This was a strange dish but it said 'common' on the menu so thought why not give it a go. From the taste and bite, it seemed to be parts of cartilage coated in batter and fried. It was crunchy. Not sure if I would order it again. 

Lightly grilled salmon and scallop sushi $12.50

Near the end of the meal we decided to play sushi roulette. The gist of sushi roulette is that there are 6 pieces of sushi on a plate, and one has an excessive amount of wasabi compared to the others. So everyone picks one, and eats it at once and just wait to see who gets the wasabi bomb. And to the birthday boy's luck he got the wasabi bomb!

Sushi Roulette $9.90

There is not such thing as a birthday without a birthday cake. I ordered a cake from the old oak patisserie ( It is a little patisserie inside the met centre (on george street). It was a wide range of cakes and from the ones I have tried I have not been disappointed!

Cross section of the Immortal Sin
Baked cheesecake base, chocolate mousse and a final layer of caramel mousse topped with drops of chocolate mousse

Good food, good times!


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