Sunday, 27 May 2012

La Belle Miette Macarons, Melbourne


Just a quick post, a friend of mine recently went to Melbourne, and brought me back some macarons from the infamous La Belle Miette (30 Hardware Lane). This is the 2nd time I have tried these macarons, and I believe they are the best yet. The Melbourne store is located in one of the lane ways amongst the city centre. I love the way the macarons are boxed, and with my favourite colour being blue they chose the pale blue box which reminded me of Tiffany and co. 

Flavours (from left to right):
**Violet & blueberry: In the centre there was a blueberry jelly and subtle violet taste. This was my favourite of all the 12.
**Mango & coconut: A lovely combination of the 2 flavours, I thought the coconut may be too sweet but it came through perfectly with the mango.
Lavender: Reminded me of a Spring day, I normally don't like lavender, but I think it is slowly growing on me.

Cherry blossom & sake: Flowers + alcohol = a bit weird. Still good either way.
Pimm's & pomegranate: I am not sure what pimm's is supposed to taste like, but there was a distinct pomegranate taste.

**Bastille: This was a champagne flavoured ganache, with a blackcurrant centre. This was another one of my favourites.
72% Cocoa Single Origin Chocolate (Venezuela): A typical chocolate macaron, nothing too special.
Hazelnut: At first I thought it had a peanut butter taste, but after a few bites I had finally realised it was hazelnut. Best hazelnut macaron I have ever tried.
**Earl Grey & chocolate: Adriano Zumbo has created a similar one before, but in comparison this was more tasty, as the earl grey flavour was a lot stronger. 
**Salted caramel: Salted caramel is a hard flavour to create, as usually one or the other is overpowering. But in this case, it was a perfect middle point. Best salted caramel I have ever tried.
Raspberry: A strong raspberry taste, which resulted in my tongue turning super red. Redskin confectionery red.
Raspberry & chocolate: A great balance between the slightly sour raspberry and chocolate.
**my favourites.

Thanks again for the macarons! =D

Good food, good times!


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