Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wafflelicious: The Chocolate Bar @ Auburn


It has been 3 weeks since my last post and I strongly apologise. BUT, don't worry, I have been eating. Furthermore, I haven't blogged recently due to university assessments and planning 21st birthday celebrations. Anyways, now to the actual post. Enjoy!

Everyday on my way to uni I would past this cardboard sized advertisement of 'Wafflelicious (CNR Pard Rd & Queen St, Auburn)'. I would then go to uni, and say to my friends we must go during one of our uni breaks or after uni. After more than a year, we still didn't go, and I forgot about it. Then the other day, a uni friend brought it up again, and we finally decided to go.

Wafflelicious is located in 2 areas, Auburn and Balmain. Depending which store you go to, there open and close times vary so it is best to check the website. Wafflelicious is a chocolate bar, which provides desserts and hot beverages. The Auburn restaurant is strange, where it is split into 2 areas (Wafflicious and Sauce - a sister restaurant). You can sit on the restaurant side to order from the chocolate bar, however, unable to sit on the waffle side to order from the restaurant.

The menu provides an array of options with pancakes, waffles and crepes with various sauces (caramel, white chocolate, chocoalte) and sides (fruit, ice cream, mashmallows) to accompany them. They further provide ice cream as individual scoops or as a sundae. There are also a variety of beverages to choose from.

Willy Wonka (This was shared between 2 people)
It is hard to see what the dish is with all the delicious chocolate smothered everywhere. There are 2 waffles (1 was cut in half) topped with bananas, strawberries, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, melted chocolate and whipped cream. The waffles are soft on the inside, and don't have the crunchy outside. However, I don't mind when waffles are like that. I like wafflelicious waffles more that Max Brenner as, I find that Max Brenner waffles are too sugary and grainy. These waffles are fluffy with the right balance of sweetness. The ice cream is also creamier than Max Brenner, as I find Max Brenner's ice cream icy.

Chocolate explosion with cookies & cream ice cream
The cookies and cream ice cream contained real cookies and it was very tasty. Inside the chocolate explosion were 'waffle balls'. They aren't exactly chunks of waffle, but are rather crispy balls covered in chocolate. They add an explosive element to anything without losing its crispiness.

Crunchy Hot Chocolate
The hot chocolate is 'crunchy' as it also contained the waffle balls. You would think that with the heat and the fact it is a drink that the waffle balls would become soggy, well it didn't! The waffle balls stayed crunchy and made the hot chocolate extra tasty.

Waffleliciuos is a great place to hang out to catch up with friends on those cold winter nights to indulge in lovely desserts and keep warm with hot beverages. Their service could do with some improvement, and some direction to how to order could be provided. However, I found the food experience to be better than Max Brenner.

Good food, good times!


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