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How to pull off a WONKA Themed Party!!


It was my 21st birthday at the end of May, which explains why my blog wasn't very active.  During the month of May a lot of time was going towards uni and my birthday celebration. I thought I would do a quick post on my 21st birthday celebrations and  how to pull off a WONKA themed party!

Firstly, I celebrated with my family early by going to Wagaya and VIVID Sydney at Darling Harbour. This was then followed by a smashing 2 hour family karaoke session! =D

One of my closest girlfriends surprised me early on a Sunday morning. My dad had answered the door, and she asked him to call me out but not to mention why. I run to the door in my pjamas, to find her there holding a cake with a candle, sparkler, and singing me Happy Birthday!

Orange & Fig with cream cheese from Black Star Pastry

On my actual birthday, I went to have lunch with one of my uni mates, and at dinner I was spoiled with a dinner date at the Quay. This was then followed by a stroll around the Sydney Harbour VIVID lights.

The following day, my highschool girl friends surprised me with more cake. First, one of them came over and we were talking. I then could then hear some noises coming from outside, I opened the door to see more of my friends, and one was holding beautiful tulips. We will be growing old together! =D

This was not a staged photo

Cake from Cavallaros

The last of my birthday celebrations ended with my WONKA themed birthday party. With about 2 months worth of preparation and planning, it was the best party I have ever hosted where nothing went wrong! The idea came from a friend who one day said 'you should have a WONKA themed party' and that is what I did. A special shout out to all those people that dressed up! =D

Key points:
1. PLANNING! Key to any event, but mainly to themed ones!
2. My favourite store during this time was Ronis & Reject Shop @ Liverpool. They had everything I needed for all colourful things for the event. Including the balloons + helium hire.
3. GOOGLE for different ideas and approaches to how others have done a WONKA PARTY!

4. The Professors was my go to online candy shop. Free shipping for purchases over $80, and has a great variety of all different confectionery at really good prices. 
5. Dressing up! The theme was WONKA, I therefore strongly encouraged a lot of colours for outfits, or to come as some of the characters. I myself, went as Willy Wonka.
6. If it is for a kids party, you can have candy related games and such, but since it was for my 21st, it was about food, fun, friends and family!

WONKA Golden ticket invitations
A lot of people wondered how I did the invitations, and the design all done in Microsoft Word. I googled golden tickets designs and then I created my own. I purchased the paper from Eckersleys, which is double sided gold paper, and printed double sided. The red envelopes were from OfficeWorks, and I printed and glued on a WONKA Bar IMAGE that I got from the internet. 

Mushroom backdrop
All I did was purchase some white spotted wrapping paper and cut out mushroom shapes. For the stalk, I cut out the shape on brown cardboard.

My Wonka Candy Buffet designed by me
Poms Poms (Ebay): POM POM seller

Thanh Bars made by Bak3rlicious:

Some of the lollies. Labels made by Bak3rlicious

My close friends with our GIANT boxes of WONKA Candy Urban Outfitters - OVERSIZED CANDY

The Confectionery was either WONKA or WONKA related (by the characters/film/movie concepts). My Candy buffet was composed of:
  • Pixie/Sherbet sticks: Placed in glass jars.
  • WONKA Fabulicious Raspberry twists: Placed in pull up straw containers.
  • Lollipops: Stuck into foam cones from Lincraft.
  • Augustus Gloop Cupcakes: Chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate centre, labelled with edible WONKA label (image and links further down).
  • WONKA Red Skins: Buckets purchases from Ronis @ Liverpool.
  • Violet Beauregarde Gum: Blue Chewing gum in paper party boxes
  • WONKA sweetarts: Little packets that came with the oversized box. Placed in buckets.
  • THANH BAR: Instead of a Wonka Bar, personalised by Bak3rlicious.
  • Veruca Salt Golden Eggs: I found a random place that was still selling GOLD Cadbury easter eggs, and I created a Good/Bad Scale on word, based from the first movie.
  • WONKA Tofee Apples: The candy version, not the actual apples. Places in paper party boxes.
  • Mike Tee Vee Snacks: Arnotts Tee Vee Snacks, placed on a plate
  • Gobstoppers: Little packets that came with the oversized box. Placed in buckets
  • WONKA Nerds: Little packets that came with the oversized box. Placed on a plate, however I purchased more from an online & local store: LINK HERE

My backyard was decorated with balloons, giant striped umbrellas from the clothesline, noodle candy boxes and coloured citronella candle

My driveway/walkway filled with balloons lollipops, poms poms and a bubble machine (not in photo) Auburn Party Store
For the balloon sticks, I bought 100 pack of normal balloon sticks, and then taped 3 together per lollipop for a stronger structure. I also purchased the tie died balloons from the party store. Each balloon was wrapped with about 1 metre of cellophane. As people walked into the party, there was actually a bubble machine going, as from the first movie made. 


Augustus Gloops

Violet Beauregardes

More Oomploompas

Veruca Salt

Augustus Gloop Cupcakes, with edible WONKA Rice Paper labels LINK HERE

A WONKA Birthday Cake - Made by my sister and sister-in-law

Lemon & Blueberry layer

Chocolate & peanut butter layer

There are so many people to thank for making my 21st birthday celebrations the best birthday ever, and for making my party a success. I just want to thank everyone again! You have made me feel  special, loved and I am extremely lucky to have you all in my life! <3

Good food, Good times!


Tina @ bitemeshowme 17 June 2013 at 08:47

An amazing 21st birthday! Hope you had a lovely time celebrating. Love your willy wonka outfit. Very impressed with other people's efforts in terms of costume.. and wow, that candy table looks incredible!!!

Thanh @ spoonfulsofgoodness 19 June 2013 at 12:59

Thanks Tina! I still justify that it was worth the time and effort! =D

milkteaxx 24 June 2013 at 11:02

wow what an awesome party! love all the effort that went into it!

Christine @ Cooking Crusade 24 June 2013 at 22:20

Haaaappy belated birthday! Looks like you had an awesome one. I absolutely love your Wonka candy bar, especially the Thanh bars, too cool!!

Thanh @ spoonfulsofgoodness 25 June 2013 at 09:28

Thank you Milkteaxx!

The Thanh Bars were a big hit, I was close to not even getting one for myself! hehe

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