Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Rockpool bar and grill @ Hunter St, Sydney


This post is a bit late but yay! no more exams and with that, there is nothing better than wanting to experience some exceptional fine dining. A friend of mine really wanted to try Rockpool Bar & Grill by Neil Perry as he heard a lot of good feedback on the steaks and so with that he made a reservation for a few friends to come along and join in for a treat.

I had no real expectations of Rockpool, as expectations always lead to disappointment. The only expectation I had was to be amazed and that is what happened. I was absolutely amazed. When you walk from the foyer into Rockpool, there is a whole new demeanour, going from ordinary boring brown foyer to a low lit high class restaurant with a tinge of purple lighting. The marble pillars and high roof of the restaurant is mesmerising which resulted me in being constantly distracted but it.

Now to the main purpose of this blog, the food! =9

Warm salad of wood fire grilled quail with smoked tomato and black olives
The quail was cooked really well, but I believe the best part of this salad was the smoked tomato, it had a unique taste which just exploded in your mouth.

Butter lettuce, avocado, tomato and jalapeno chilli salad
It was a simple salad with a buttery texture, unfortunately I couldn't quite taste the jalapeno chilli.

Cured Ocean Trout with Ratatouille and tomato vinagrette
A delectable mix of saltiness from the trout and sweetness of the ratatouille. It was very nice and light entree, and set a great impression for all the food of the night.

Roasted pork belly and pork loin with crackling and candied fruits
Even though Rockpool is famous for there steaks I chose the special of the day which was the roast pork and that ended up being a great choice. The pork was nothing that I can properly describe but was definitely close to heaven in my mouth. The crackling was very different to normal crackling, it was softer yet still as crispy. Even though the pork was awesome, the candied fruits was probably one of the worst things I/we had ever tried. I expected something a bit sweet to go with the pork, yet it was really strange. A mixture of spiciness and bitterness.

Full blood wagyu 220g
This was the most expensive steak on the menu costing $115, and it was quite amazing. It was cooked to medium - medium rare and was seasoned well. It required minimal amount of chewing resulting in a melting sensation. This was the reason my friend wanted to go to Rockpool.

Scotch fillet 220g
Same seasoning as the wagyu, however due to the different cut different taste. It was chewier which is expected but still a great steak.

Hand cut fat chips

Kipfler potatoes sauteed with wagyu fat and rosemary
Both the sides we chose were potato based and were beautiful. They both were crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the inside. The Kipfler potatoes had a wonderfully infused taste due to the wagyu fat and rosemary. The salt on both potatoes made them great with our mains.
Mango sorbet with yoghurt cream brandy snaps
This was my friends dessert and he loved it. But for me it was average, only because I don't like yoghurt, but the mango sorbet was delicious!

Warm rubarb, strawberry and almond pudding with vanilla sauce
This was my other friends dessert, and this was nice aswell. It was quite a cold night when we went to Rockpool so this dessert fit the occasion. This was my first time trying rubarb and it was a delightful suprise of a sweet sensation. The vanilla sauce reminded me of a warm custard.
The Ciampini - Chestnut meringue and ice cream sandwich

Best dessert of the night. When I saw the name of the menu, and saw what came out I was confused since I didn't see the ice cream. Then, as I started making my way through the dessert I was pleasantly suprised. It was literally spoonfuls of goodness!

The overall experience at Rockpool Bar and Grill was great, especially with there exceptional service and great food (despite the candied fruits). A great place for a fine dining experience, and considering there house rules you won't be disturbed whilst eating.

Good food, Good times!


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