Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Zumboron Day 2011 @ Adriano Patisserie, Balmain


Every year Adriano Zumbo has his macaron day, which is usually on his birthday but this year it was held on 27th November. It is a day composed of all different flavours of macarons, and so a few of us went out and bought all the flavours we had not yet tried. 

Pandan Cinnamon doughnut Milo Vegemite

Raspberry short bread
Choc mint Maple syrup pancake Toasted marshmallow

Cheese cake

PB & J
Salted milk chocolate caramel
Bloody mary
Green apple pie
Peach ice tea
Salt and vinegar
Cherry coconut Margarita Pecan danish Strawberry bubblegum


Mandarin and tonka bean
Raspberry Salted butter caramel

Choc banana
Mango black pepper Raspberry & beetroot Redskin

28 macarons in total were bought, and the list had 60. I wanted to try other strange flavours but I was disappointed to find out that the Balmain store didn't have them. These flavours included banh mi (bread), ramen, calamari and fried chicken. 

My favourite of the flavours that I did try were cinnamon doughnut, raspberry & beetroot, redskin, strawberry bubblegum, peach ice tea, pandan and green apple pie. 

Good food, good times!


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