Saturday, 14 January 2012

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant @ Cabramatta


As per usual Cabramatta is filled with wonderful food and of course Iron Chef is one of these locations. During the day between 9/10am to 15/15.30 (depending on the day) they provide a wonderful Yum Cha service which often has line during the peak time of 11.00 to 13.00.

However, this post is about there dinner service. We had dinner at Iron Chef for a special family occassion which was composed of 13 people. It was a great night filled with fun times with the family and a whole bunch of great tasting food!

Selection of crispy skin suckling pig with bbq pork, roast duck, soya sauce chicken and jelly fish platter
This was a great starter as it has a selection of all the special starters on the menu. It was a large platter which the staff then separated for individual servings.

Complimentary soup

Peking duck with hoi sin sauce
Peking duck is one of Iron Chef's specialities, everyone who tries Iron Chef's Peking duck, absolutely enjoy it. There used to be a special on Tuesday nights where there was 50% off Peking Duck, but I am not sure if that special still occurs. 

Roasted young pigeon

Sang choy bow

The Sang choy bow was made with the left over duck from the peking duck, mixed with rice and bamboo.
Salt and pepper crab
I love crab, and with that I loved this dish. I was devouring every little bit of crab meat that I could grasp my hands on. It was filled with flavour and had a tinge of spicy to it which made it delectable!

Wasabi beef
 The wasabi beef combines the wonderful taste of wasabi with a sweet teriyaki like marinade. It adds a Japanese twist to a basic Chinese dish.

Salt and pepper crispy tofu

4 types of Chinese vegetables steamed in bamboo basket

Braised soft e-fu noodles

Steamed fish

Dessert: Che with assorted biscuits

Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant is a lovely place for the morning Yum Cha service. But the dinner service was wonderful. The staff were constantly available to cater for all our needs. It is a restaurant for all occassions, and should provide different food for everyone taste buds, and new food experiences for those who stay on the safe side.

Good food, good times!


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