Friday, 6 April 2012

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2012 @ Ms Gs. - Potts Point


This post is a bit late, but better late than never right? As a part of the March into Merivale Food Festival, on March 3rd, Dan Hong from Ms. G's created a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired lunch filled with sweet delights. I saw a post from chocolatesuze from her experience last year, and I made sure that if there was an event this year that I had to go, so off I went with another friend who also loves her sweet things. 

Upon walking in we could see the bar preparing some drinks, and the Willy Wonka themed displays, including jars of lollies and each table had little cups and bowls of various lollies, this got us very excited and keen for all the desserts to come.

After looking at the menu, we were even more excited, trying to imagine how the dessert would look compared to the name, and wondering what each dessert would bring to the table.
Russian Spyder
As per usual every meal generally starts with a drink, there was nothing too fancy about the drinks. Mine was lemonade with vanilla ice cream and my friends was vodka & coke with vanilla ice cream. There seemed to be some inconsistencies with the non-alcoholic spyder as there were people next to us who's spyder had yellow vanilla (or caramel) ice cream, which made the drink look more appetising. 

Red and Blue Splice
This little delight was composed of Pine lime granita with pink coloured coconut ice cream and coconut jelly. The colours of the dessert kept us engaged, and after the first spoon of the granita our tongues were painted blue. The little cubes of coconut jelly that layed at the bottom were a lovely surprise and just added an extra kick to this dessert. It was a very refreshing.
Chocolate & Raspberry Willy Wonka
Do not be fooled, that big scoop of chocolate is not ice-cream, it was however chocolate ganache. Probably one of the smoothest ganache I have ever tried. On the far left was a decadent chocolate brownie and on the far right a raspberry marshmallow. But, the biggest surprise of all was the sauce, a raspberry sauce with popping candy! That feeling of popping candy in your mouth just makes you feel like a kid again, back in the days when you were able to get crazy dips for about 60 cents. All the components worked well together, until the ganache started to become a bit overpowering. Less ganache may have been better.

 Augustus Gloop and the Chocolate Fountain
We were unsure on what the 'chocolate fountain' was, but it seemed to be a chocolate milk consistency without too much of a milky taste. This dessert further contained pretzels, blackberries and candied bacon. The candied bacon worked really well with the chocolate,  it was extremely chewy though, required a lot of effort and energy. Unfortunately, my friend wears braces so she couldn't fully enjoy the chewy goodness. This was also the first time I had tried a fresh blackberry and it tasted wonderful! Only if they weren't so expensive, I would eat so many.

 Golden Egg 2012
At this point we were both glad that this dessert was not chocolate based. It was yellow vanilla (or caramel - not sure) ice cream on a passionfruit sauce, topped with honeycomb and brushes of gold. I love passion fruit based desserts, so this dessert was just right for me. The balance of the sourness of the passionfruit and sweetness of the ice cream with the crunch of the honeycomb caused my taste buds to dance. I wanted to lick the plate clean by the end of it.

Yes you read right, Dirt. It literally looked like dirt with worms and lollies in it, until we dug underneath and found the ganache. After the previous desserts, trying to finish this was a struggle, and that's why we couldn't finish it. It became a bit too weird for me with the lollies in it, but the combination of coconut (worms), ganache and cookie crumble (dirt) was good. In the end, the power of sugar become to much for us to bear.

Where the magic happens

The overall experience was tantalising to the palate. How the dessert looked compared to the taste was just mind boggling, which is the Willy Wonka thing to do. All the little things in the desserts made the difference, and made the afternoon of desserts worth while. At a total cost of $75 ($12.50 per dessert) is reasonable priced. I hope to enjoy another Willy Wonka experience next year!

Good food, Good times!


missklicious 7 April 2012 at 03:03

The desserts look interesting, I don't know if I could stomach that many desserts in one go though!

chocolatesuze 7 April 2012 at 16:58

the red and blue splice looks insane!

thanhalang 7 April 2012 at 21:37

I think i liked the non chocolate based desserts more than the chocolate ones. That splice was mesmorising!

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