Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jordan Shoe Cake


1 Goal + 2 days + 3 people + 13 hours = 1 Jordan shoe cake and sneaker cupcake toppers

My sisters boyfriend had a Sneaker Spectacular, for his 25th Birthday. As a part of the celebration, he wanted a Space Jam Jordan Shoe Cake, and since that is what he asked for, that is what we delivered. Combination of skills from my sister, my self and my sister-in-law, we delivered one awesome cake. Going further with the theme, little sneakers were made as cupcake toppers.

This was my first time working with candy melts, and I now have a better understanding on the time taken and precision to detail when you see some really great cakes that use fondant or candy melts. Since we were working with black candy melts (which is heavy on the chocolate compared to other colours), mixed with cold weather, it started to become extremely hard to work with. In the end, with great patience and drive to make the cake and cupcake toppers a success it all worked well.

The recipe for the cake was Thunder Cake which was doubled and baked in a large rectangluar dish.

Good food, good times!


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