Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sugaroom @ Pyrmont


The last of my birthday gifts had finally came about where 4 of my closest girl friends took me out to a lovely lunch at  Sugaroom  in Pyrmont. The view from the restaurant looks out onto the waterfront and parkland of Pyrmont (I somehow forgot to take a photo of this view).


Tea smoked salmon, fennel, celery heart and orange salad, with lemon aioli
My entrée provided a fresh start to the whole dining experience. All the components accompanied each other perfectly, and the addition of dill added an extra kick to the dish. The salmon had a subtle tea smoked taste. 

Shortcrust tarte a l'onion, parmesan creme friache
This dish had a strong caramelised onion taste. So if you don't like onion, this isn't the dish for you. The parmesan creme friache was very interesting, where is had a creamy texture with a slight garlic and cheese taste.
Beef carpaccio, shaved peccorino, oregano and extra virgin olive oil
Nicely thin slices of raw beef topped with a vinaigrette. The bread sticks on top added a crunch against the soft beef and cheese.
Shiraz and eschallot chicken liver pate, cumquat jam and croutons
The pate was soft and seasoned perfectly, not too salty or peppery. The cumquat jam was interesting, as it contained a strong taste of cumquat, yet there was a slight sweetness.


Chargrilled beef fillet, olive and sage gnocchi, confit tomatoes, with red wine jus
This dish was great where in most cases the beef was cooked to how people wanted them cooked. The gnocchi was delicious, which was a down side as the dish didn't have enough of the wonderful gnocchi.

Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast, red pepper and marjoram quinoa, topped with asparagus
This was my main. The chicken was cooked great as it didn't become dry, especially considering it was a breast piece. The prosciutto was wrapped tightly and was crispy. The quinoa has a strange texture that I find hard to adjust too, as it looks like rice, yet isn't. Perfectly cooked asparagus provided the crunch.

Mushroom, pine nut, thyme ravioli
This ravioli was filled with blue cheese (and some other things that I don't remember), which resulted in a huge blue cheese flavour. I don't like blue cheese, so after trying my friends dish I ran back to mine.


Passionfruit pavlova, chantilly cream, toffee chard with fairy floss
Definitely not a traditional way in which pavlova is normally displayed, but still the same great taste. With the caramel goodness of the toffee chard. This dessert was extra sweet but was helped with the sourness of the passion fruit.

Pear and cinnamon tarte tatin, honeycomb ice cream, with butterscotch sauce
More caramel goodness with the pears, honeycomb and butterscotch. The ice cream was nice and smooth, and the chards of honeycomb worked really well.
Chocolate creme brulee, raspberry marshmallow, with macerated strawberries
My dessert was amazing. The crack of sugar on top already sets a start to a good creme brulee. The macerated strawberries (strawberries that have been sitting in juice - usually orange) added a great touch to the dish. The creme bruleee was smooth and chocolatey and lip licking tasty!

It was a wonderful dining experience where the staff are very nice and friendly. The lovely view makes it an exquisite place to dine for any part of the day. I just want to thank my lovely friends for giving me a gorgeous lunch out in a beautiful location. Thank you! <3

Good food, good times!


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