Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bentley Restaurant and Bar @ Surry Hills


Thanks to a special someone and a special occassion, I finally had the chance to dine at the famous Bentley Restaurant and Bar. The two hatted restaurant has been winning awards since 2006, and continues to hold excellence for both their food and wine. 

The restaurant has a modern interior, with a specific placement of lighting to have an intimate yet relaxed dining experience.  We didn't try any of the wine, because neither of us are big wine drinkers, but they do have a vast range to pick from. The following food images are from normal tasting menu ($120 per person) and vegetarian ($110 per person). 

Complimentary bread

Malt cured ocean trout with pine nut and trout roe

Tomato and yellow bean salad with pine nut and black olive

The delicately fresh pieces of trout were divine and the little bursts of trout roe made the dish more exciting. The bean salad was presented with such finesse where it looked too pretty to eat and displayed the wonderful colours of Summer. All the fresh ingredients made the dishes beautiful in both taste and presentation.

Seared scallop with purple sweet potato and sea banana

Eggplant with sweet potato and a cooked egg yolk

The eggplant dish was the tastier of the two. The cooked yolk was just irresistible, I am not sure on how they did it. Throughout the entire dining experience we continually reflected upon the egg. Just thinking about it now still makes me wonder on how such an egg is produced. The seared scallop dish was nice, but did needed more scallop. I loved the little pieces of purple sweet potato on the side.

Tuna, pickled mussels, octopus with squid ink quinoa and sea grapes

Baby potato with fenugreek, oyster mushroom and almond sauce 

The seafood on the dish provided a fusion of different flavours, where the cut of tuna was the best part. Squid ink quinoa was strange, but the crunch of the squid ink crisp added an interesting element to the dish. The vegetarian option wasn't too exciting, however it delivered simple flavours with fresh tastes.

Balmain bug with cured duck breast, black bean and coconut curd

Cauliflower with artichoke, hazelnut and black bean sauce and parmesan cheese.

I loved the different elements of my dish. The saltiness of the cured duck breast complemented the coconut curd and the softness of the balmain bug. It was an array of different flavours that worked extremely well. The thinly shaved artichoke with chopped cauliflower was generously dressed with parmesan cheese with a balance of flavours. It may have looked like a black pond with various lily pads, however it was nicer than it looked.

Pork cheek with fennel and black garlic sauce

Baby beetroot with white asparagus and radicchio

Multiple versions of pork cheek can not go wrong. One had a crumb, and the other piece was dressed with a caramel glaze. There was a great balance of salt which worked with the garlic and fennel sauce. On the other side of the table was a work of art. The vibrant colours of the fresh produce made your eyes pop. On top of dish were thin pieces of beetroot crisps which added crunch to the dish. 

Fillet of black angus beef with jerusalem artichoke, baby cucumber and burdock 

Slow cooked spiced carrot with black cabbage, forbidden rice and cucumber 

You know beef is cooked to perfection where it can be cut with a butter knife. It was quite a change to eat cuts of beef with artichoke and cucumber. After already eating 5 dishes, this was a great finish to the savoury components of the dining experience. The spiced carrot on the vegetarian dish was delicious. I admit, the forbidden rice looks bug like, but it was puffy rice. It was an interesting texture that takes some time to adjust to.

Pre Dessert: Honey dew sorbet with pieces of honeydew and liquorice cream

We both found the pre dessert tastier than the actual dessert (which was also tasty). All the components were refreshing and perfect for a summers night. There was pieces of dried out honey dew which had the texture of a sponge but taste of honey dew. It was a wonderful pre dessert.

Macadamia parfait with white chocolate, mint and lemon meringue 

A creamy light parfait with lovely pieces of white chocolate and a tangy broken lemon meringue. The parfait was different to what most may know as the one with layers. It was aerated and similar to a soft sponge, yet melted in your mouth. I loved the caramelised macadamia nuts which added crunch and extra sweetness to the dessert. A great finish to the meal. 

Bentley Restaurant and Bar definitely deserves their two hatted recognition. They provide exceptional service, and cater to everyone's eating style by slightly changing the menu to ensure everyone has a wonderful dining experience. 

Good food, good times! 


Tina @ bitemeshowme 20 February 2013 at 08:42

Wow, each dish looks like it has been constructed with thought and finesse! Glad you had a wonderful experience. Happy valentines day :P

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