Friday, 29 March 2013

Blancharu @ Elizabeth Bay


Blancharu is a small restaurant located under a side walk of Elizabeth Bay. It is where East meets West, i.e. Japanese cuisine meets French. They have a simplistic décor with a warm feeling with ambient lighting. There was a lot of conversing around the restaurant with everyone having a great time. My friends and I obtained a deal where we had 5 courses for $35. 

Crown of crab with eggplant and pea tower and tomato vinaigrette

This was a cold starter and was a great start to the meal. There were many interesting elements to the dish that some how worked together. Combining all the elements together allowed a merge of all the flavours. I wish they provided more of the crisp bread, as it added the crunch to the dish.

Potato and leek soup with a broth

This may be one of the nicest soups I have tried in a restaurant. There were two distinct layers, in which the potato and leek sat at the bottom, and the broth was above. The potato component was nice and smooth. This would be perfect for those days in winter when sick in bed.

Grilled fish in a sweet porridge

This dish wasn't the best of the dishes. We all didn't finish it. The grilled fish had a sweet glaze, and was accompanied with a sweetish porridge. It just didn't work for me. I ate the fish but left the porridge, I kept on trying it, thinking maybe it will be different with each spoonful, but just didn't work.

Roasted sirloin with broad beans and crumb

This was wonderful after the not so great fish dish. A simple sirloin cooked to medium rare and broad beans. The beans were cooked in a bit too much butter, but still worked great.

Vanilla pannacotta with sliced pineapple, pineapple juice and lemon sorbet

This was a deliciously awesome dessert. The sweet pannacotta against the bursts of pineapple with the pineapple juice was refreshing. The best part was the lemon sorbet that added the sourness to it all. It was a great end to the meal and tasted wonderful!

The staff at the restaurant are friendly, but the down fall (other than the sweet porridge with fish dish) was that we were seated near the kitchen and bathroom and there seemed to be no air ventilation there which made our dining experience a bit unpleasant. 

Good food, good times! 


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