Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Green Peppercorn @ Farifield


As we all know, there has been a peak in the Thai cuisine all around the Sydney area. There is a relatively new restaurant in Fairfield, called Green Peppercorn! Green Peppercorn is a modernised twist to the traditional Thai restaurants, especially with their d├ęcor  They have the traditional statues in display windows, and yet along one of their ceilings they have bird cages. The greatest addition to their decor has to be the Tuk Tuk! People can hop inside and take photos, and it really adds a nice element to the restaurant.

Fruit Shakes
Gotta love those fruit shakes! Most of the Asian restaurants in the Canley Heights or Vale, Cabramatta and Fairfield area provide fruit shakes. They usually have some standard ones e.g. avcocado, durian, mango, or you can mix up 3 flavours for your liking. Fruit shakes are tasty, no matter the weather.

Satay chicken skewers
These are one of the better satay chicken skewers I have tried. I really enjoyed the fact that the chicken pieces were char-grilled, and not just fried and smothered in satay sauce. They come out extremely hot, and really succulent. 

Duck Curry
It was a cold night, and you can't eat Thai food without having a curry. We therefore chose the duck curry. I love the flavour that duck adds to all dishes, it provides a slight sweetness. The curry itself was delicious, and the duck was soft and broke apart in your  mouth. They put lychee in their curries, which I find a bit strange, it doesn't seem to sit right. 

Papaya Salad (Thai)
A traditional dish for all Thai restaurant goers, the papaya salad. They offer a Thai and Laos version, I don't know what the difference is. A part of the Thai eating culture, you can choose what level of spice you want. I always choose mild, because Thai really love their chilli! I don't think there has been a time where I have tried a papaya salad that has gone wrong. The crunch of the papaya, with the extra cabbage in the lovely fish sauce based marinade can't go wrong.

Ox Tongue
I used to hate ox tongue, and not understand the appeal of it. However, once you keep exposing yourself and eating it, you begin to really enjoy the taste. It is definitely a chewier meat. But, when it is cooked properly it should be relatively easy to bite into. The taste of ox tongue is hard to describe, but when dipped in its special sauce, it becomes very addictive.

Our little feast

Overall, Green Peppercorn is a great dining experience. The food is delicious and the decor is beautiful. Keep in mind, it is a busy restaurant where there tends to be a cue. Either get there early (6pm should be safe) or ask if you are able to make a reservation. The service was very mixed, where is seemed some knew what was happening, and others just had no clue. They also have an extensive dessert menu, however we had to cut our dinner short. The overall meal for 3 people cost about $70 with drinks.

Good food, good times!


Tina @ bitemeshowme 29 May 2013 at 07:57

Hey Thanh! Holy Basil and Green Peppercorn have no affiliation with each other. The owners are two brothers who own two seperate businesses.

Love their duck curry. One of my favourites, ever! Lychees in red duck curry is normal. Chat Thai do it, and so do a lot of other restaurants. It adds a sweetness to the dish.

chocolatesuze 29 May 2013 at 14:05

that duck curry sounds amazing!

Thanh @ spoonfulsofgoodness 13 June 2013 at 12:50

@Tina: Oooo Thank you for that verification =)! I have yet to properly dine at Chat Thai, since I have only tried their desserts at various food events.

@chocolatesuze:It was amazing! I think everything with duck is! hehehe

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