Sunday, 4 August 2013

Palings @ The Ivy, Sydney


Not everything about The Ivy has to be considered expensive. Until the end of August (Monday-Friday), Palings at The Ivy offers $35 for 2 courses, with a beer or wine. You are able to pick from the salads, mains and desserts. The deal is available for all of lunch, however for dinner it is only available between 6-7pm (with a slight leeway to 8pm).

Palings is located at the back of level one, furthest away from the entrance. I went with my family, so we shared a lot of the dishes which allowed us to get a combination of salads, mains and desserts.

Sauté of mushrooms, walnuts, peas, broad beans, 
pickled onions, sesame yoghurt dressing 
A lovely warm salad to start of the night. All the components accompanied each other well, however, I found the pickled onions to become overpowering over time. 

Watercress, smoked trout and coriander with soft egg, ricotta, toasted almond and pumpkin seed 
Another lovely fresh salad! The smoked trout with egg and watercress reminded me of something you eat for brunch! There was a hint of spice in the dressing as well.

Rangers Valley rump steak, spinach, fries, paris butter (300g grain fed) 
The rump steak was cooked to right degree for all those who ordered it. It was a great serving size for the price we were paying for dinner. 

Friday Roast - Pork belly with apple sauce 
I opted for the roast of the day, because we can never say no to pork belly right? The serving size was more than I expected. There was also the layer of crispy pork skin! The roasted vegetables was a great side. Perfect for a cold winter night.
Strawberry mascarpone
Dessert! We ended up sharing 2 desserts, but it seems like I didn't take a photo of the other dessert which was cookie and peanut butter ice cream sandwich. The desserts are provided by Lorraines Patisserie, which is located downstairs from the Ivy. The strawberry mascarpone was DELICIOUS! The layers of strawberry and mascarpone cream were delectable. Not exactly sure what the cake layers were made from, but the top was blow torched, so I think it may have been meringue or almond based. Either way, the slight caramelisation added the extra oomph.

Palings was a great place to dine, and we went on a Friday night, where there was a lively atmosphere all around. You are able to make reservations for the deal! 

Good food, good times!


Helen (Grab Your Fork) 5 August 2013 at 02:03

Definitely can't say no to pork belly especially when it involves crackling!

Amy zhong 5 August 2013 at 10:24

i had the friday roast last time, it was amazingly crackly!

chocolatesuze 5 August 2013 at 14:53

that strawberry mascarpone sounds amazing!

Thanh @ spoonfulsofgoodness 5 August 2013 at 16:36

I would go back just for the strawberry mascarpone alone! =D

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