Monday, 10 October 2011

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie @ Balmain


There is no better way to start a long weekend (got to love having no uni on Fridays) than to enjoy it with some good company and awesome treats from Adriano Zumbo Patisserie - Balmain (296 Darling St, Balmain, NSW 2040

And the feast begins!

Before digging into our lovely desserts we thought to start off with something savoury. So we decided to get the chorizo stick. It was like a chorizo pizza but on sour-dough bread. The bread was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, just how bread should be. All the flavours of the chorizo stick fused together perfectly. It was so good, that our jaws started to hurt from all the chewing. =D

Chorizo stick - Chorizo, capsicum, olives and caramelised onion $6

Now for the desserts!!! =D

My friend purchased 'what a great pear' which has choux pastry, pear & vanilla creme patissier, almond crunch, pear mousse, pera gel, chocolate square and marzipan. It was amazing! From one spoonful, you could taste everything. The pastry was soft, yet had a slight crisp. It had a light and pleasant taste, so it didn't make you feel heavy after eating it. The almond crunch at the base added a great change in texture from the soft pastry.

What a great pear $9

Inside of What a great pear

I love passionfruit in all desserts. A lot people find the taste to overpowering but I think with the right chocolate it provides a perfect balance, and this was a good balance. The passiondor contains hazelnut dacquoise, praline feuilletine noisette, passionfruit milk chocolate ganache, passionfruit milk chocolate chantilly. There was an intense flavour of passionfruit with every spoonful, and each time it touched your tongue it just melted. 

Passiondor $9

My sister purchased 'My Low in Life' which was definitely the most exciting of the all the desserts. It is a Milo based dessert (My Low - gotta love puns) composed of 3 layers. The first layer was a malt mousse under a dome of chocolate which was delectable. Followed by a milo milkshake, which you drank using the straw that was inserted. Only zumbo would be able to create airtight layers where such a wonderful experience could occur. Underneath the milo milkshake there was a chocolate disc, which you snap through to get to the chantilly cream where zumbo fused bits of milo into it. This dessert was just full of surprises and something that is very fun to eat. It is definitely a crowd pleaser.

My Low in Life $10

And of course you can't leave Adriano Zumbo's patisserie without some macarons. I had already tried the most of his latest range as seen here but I still had a few missing, and luckily for me they had the ones I hadn't tried were in the patisserie!

Coffee creme brulee, chocolate pop, lemon and olive oil, pear & vanilla and fig & burnt honey $2.30 each

My thoughts on the flavours:
**Coffee creme brulee - It was a macaron that was coated in sugar that was slight burnt, just like a real cream brulee. I am not the biggest fan of drinking coffee, but I enjoy coffee flavoured treats. The sugar coating added a nice texture and the coffee ganache was lovely. A coffee lovers dream.
Chocolate pop - Nothing can go wrong with chocolate, and that statement still stands. The inside didn't seem to be ganache but rather a chocolate mousse. It had a nice smooth texture and very light compared to ganache. With the name of chocolate pop, i thought there would be bits of popping candy in the macaron, but even so it was still good.
Lemon and Olive oil - It sounds strange but it wasn't that bad, the ganache tasted like vanilla with a hint of lemon and olive oil. It didn't have the oily texture, which I thought it would.
**Pear and vanilla - At first I couldn't taste the pear but half way through the flavour just burst out. I could eat a whole box of these.
**Fig and burnt honey - I have never tried a fig, so I am not quite sure what it was supposed to taste like, but I have tried honey and that flavour came through very well. I am not the biggest fan of honey, but I was a big fan of this macaron. The honey flavour wasn't to overpowering, when I thought it would be.
Note: The ** were my favourite ones.

Adriano Zumbo never fails to disappoint, there were so many more desserts I wanted to try but didn't want to get to greedy.

Good food, good times!


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