Monday, 10 October 2011

Sydney Dumpling King and Gelatissimo @ Burwood


I have been craving dumplings for a few weeks now and the craving was finally satisfied when I went to the Sydney Dumpling King in Burwood . It wasn't as good as Din Tai Fung, but still good enough for me to go again whenever I am in need for some dumplings.

Taiwanese spiced pork noodles $7.00

It was a nice basic noodle dish, however it did not taste spicy. The pork was nice with the vegetables and the sauce had a decent flavour. I really do wish it was spicy though, because once adding a bit of chilli oil over the noodles it made it a lot tastier.

Now to the dumplings, between the 4 of us we ordered 4 different types of dumplings. That was 60 dumplings! It was perfect for us (unless the guys were lying about being full). The dumplings can either be steamed for fried (fried there is a $2 surcharge). The menu has a wide variety of pork, beef, lamb, chicken and fish dumplings, each with different types of vegetables.

Our banquet of dumplings: Pork with chives , lamb with coriander , and pork with prawn, eggs and chives
$7.90 each plate of 15 dumplings

Chicken and mushroom dumplings (fried) $10.50

The overall experience was great with each dumpling tasting wonderful. We only ended up paying $11 each, so for a deliciously cheap dinner you know where to go. The staff were very efficient and provided great customer service. It is very casual dining experience, its perfect after a long day at work or uni and all you need is a good cheap feed.

And of course you can't have dinner without dessert. So we went to gelatissimo.  Gelatissimo which is right next to the Burwood Westfield entrance and had the 32 scoop ice cream sundae! It contained all the flavours of ice cream they had that night with strawberries, wafers, cones with cream and chocolate sauce. It cost around $35 and was worth every single bit!

Me with the sundae


With dinner and dessert costing less than $20 each it was a great night out!

Good food, good times!


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