Saturday, 14 January 2012

Manmaruya @ Campsie


Happy New Year everyone! Better late than never =D. After having an awesome start to the new year I thought I should finally update my blog with my favourite Japanese restaurant.

Manmaruya  is a small Japanese restaurant located on the main strip of Campsie. Upon my first experience a couple of years ago I fell in love with it and continue to go back when in need of a good Japanese feast.

Honey and lemongrass pork bento box
This was the first time I had tried a bento box at Manmaruya, and I was not disappointed. It came with a side of rice, sashimi, fried gyoza, seaweed salad, miso soup and normal salad. There was a great balance with the strong taste of lemon grass and the sweetness of the honey. The gyoza  was shallow fried which resulted in a crispy outside and a lovely inside, compared to normal pan friend gyoza which often feels oily. 

Ox tongue bento box
This was my sisters boyfriends order and he loved it, but to me the ox tongue was a bit bland in terms of flavour but the texture was fine, without it being too chewy.

Tan tan ramen
Tan tan ramen is a pork mince ramen with egg, bean sprouts, seaweed, bamboo topped with fresh shallots. It is an easy ramen to eat as you don't have to bite into or tear a part the meat. Simple is best, and is a great dish for any first time ramen eaters.

Medium sushi platter
You can't go to a Japanese restaurant without trying any sushi. The sushi platter was composed of various sushi's using fresh ingredients. Got to love sushi!

Overall, Manmaruya has great tasting food at affordable prices and has been mentioned in to 2011 SMH Good Food Guide. The service is fantastic and the desserts are nice and simple. Dinner services start at 5.30pm, and the restaurant doesn't take reservations for Friday and Saturday nights so I would advise to get there as early as possible to avoid waiting.

Good food, good times!


Anonymous 14 January 2012 at 20:31

i love tan tan ramen! will check this place out if i'm ever in campsie...btw it was great meeting you today thanh :)

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