Thursday, 1 November 2012

Black Star Pastry @ Newtown


As part of Crave Sydney International Food Festival 2012, Newtown Precinct created Taste of Newtown Food Festival. This was a month long event where various restaurants of the Newtown Precinct offered food deals to diners. As the website said 'Surry Hills is sooooo 2010 – eat your way around Newtown instead…'. Therefore, for my Newtown fix I went to Black Star Pastry with a few friends. The deal was 2 coffees/hot chocolates, 2 savouries and 2 sweets for $25!

When I first laid eyes on the strawberry watermelon cake and chocolate eclair a few years ago I have been a fan of Black Star Pastry . Ever since then, every trip to Newtown involves a visit to Black Star Pastry.

Lamb & Red wine Pie

Australia is known for meat pies, and Black Star Pastry can deliver a damn good meat pie! I didn't even need to add too much tomato sauce, and it was perfect temperature to enjoy without burning my tongue.

Beef sausage roll

This was my friends dish, and she said it was nice, and definitely better than the ones are uni (which are the frozen packet ones).

Proscuitto and rocket in olive infused bread 

I didn't get the chance to try this but my friend said it was really nice. She enjoyed the olive infused bread.
Mushroom, spinach, feta and cheese toasted sandwich 

My friend that tried this stated that she had never had anything like this before. I took a bite, and it was very mushroomy, so if you enjoy mushrooms this is the sandwich for you!

Chocolate & lime tort and Strawberry & watermelon cake

Strawberry & watermelon cake and Raspberry creme brulee tart

The chocolate and lime tort was very interesting, definitely not a dessert for everyone. The layers of chocolate cake and ganache helped the intensity of the lime jelly, however there was still a strong hit of lime. Out of all 4 of us, only myself and one of the other girls liked it. If you enjoy desserts that have a tangy twist, this will be for you.

The raspberry creme brulee tart is a simple delight. With the fusion of a vanilla custard and raspberry centre, it is a perfect treat for a quick sugar hit.

As I said earlier in the post, the strawberry and watermelon cake can never go wrong. Fresh layers of cake, watermelon, cream and topped with strawberries and jelly = Summer in your mouth. Everything about this cake is delightful, the only annoying part is that you can't eat it perfectly. Even though the layers may break apart, it is one of the reason I always go back to Black Star Pastry, an all time favourite.

Good food, good times!


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