Sunday, 1 September 2013

Manly Eats: Hemingway's and Adriano Zumbo


My friends love book cafes, and one has a goal to go to all the Sydney book cafes. Therefore, as a group we went to Hemingway's for lunch. Heminway's is located on the main road along the Beach. It has a bar, and an upstairs for more people to dine and enjoy some nice drinks.

Gin...I mean water
All the table water is served in Hendrick's Gin bottles! 

Kids these days won't know what an encyclopaedia is.

Creaming Soda
vodka, chambord, lemonade, cherry bitters, wild berry foam

Fried chicken with corn bread, potato salad and tomato sauce
The fried chicken was cooked through, but isn't the type of fried chicken I was expecting. There was a strong dill taste in the potato salad, even when combined with other components. The tomato sauce was a load of tomatoey goodness, but I feel that it didn't work well with the chicken. It went great with the corn bread, and when I see corn bread I always think of the movie The Green Mile. 

 Home made gnocchi with king prawns, garlic, chilli and prawn emulsion
This was a lovely dish, just not enough of it. The use of garlic and chilli added the extra hit, without being overpowering. 

Roast pumpkin salad with rocket, goats curd, seeds and grains
This was the most simple of the dishes, and the tastiest. A pumpkin based salad is always a hit, and this definitely was. The goats curd was soft like yoghurt, which added that extra bit of freshness.

Now, a visit to Manly means dessert at Adriano Zumbo. So we grabbed some treats and headed to the bay to sit and enjoy our delights!


Berry Brioche

lip # smack ! whack
cream cheese mousse, biscuit cuillere, olive oil mousse, mixed berry compote, cheesecake base, white chocolate, seasonal berries

Hemingway's was a bit of a hit and miss with our dishes. It was also quite a trek for people from South West Sydney. However, their current breakfast and dinner menu sound delicious. Adriano Zumbo, never disappoints.

Good food, good times!


Helen (Grab Your Fork) 2 September 2013 at 01:56

Haha that's so true about encyclopedias. It's the same with libraries - do kids still use them for research?!

Tina @ bitemeshowme 2 September 2013 at 09:10

Manly is such a trek for me.. I don't even think I'm around there once a year!

Thanh @ spoonfulsofgoodness 2 September 2013 at 09:16

@helen: With libraries, I know that kids still use them, when I go to my local library to study, a bunch of kids are usually there after school.

@Tina: It is quite a trek for me too, we were hoping Hemingway's would be worth it, but it was half worth it.

Amy zhong 2 September 2013 at 10:24

ive heard so much about hemmingways! sounds like a cosy little place ill love!

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