Monday, 31 October 2011

My short-list: The best food in Sydney


Guest Post by Tara from Fashion Sessions

I love living Sydney because there’s always a fabulous cheap eat, cosy café or cool new bar to discover. There’s nothing better than nursing a cup of hot chocolate and scouring good food blogs (like this one!) to find new eateries to try. That’s how I found Wagaya - a perfect restaurant when dining with a group because you can order a slew of their delicious dishes to share and try a bit of everything!

The best food finds in Sydney
My girlfriends and I also have favourite haunts we return to when we need a guaranteed fix of some of the best food in Sydney.

After a morning scouting for vintage bargains at Glebe Markets, my best friend and I always go for a long brunch to admire our wares and justify a tipple before midday. On Glebe Point  Rd, Clipper Café is right nearby, has their own blend of coffee, uses organic produce and makes wonderful baked eggs with spinach that will keep you going for hours. You need to huddle on communal tables but the jolly atmosphere and quality of the dishes make Clipper Café a great way to start the day and experience some of the best food in Sydney.

Occasionally, the ladies and I like to dress up and go all-out for a High Tea at The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst. Starting at $45 for the Classic High Tea, it is a bit pricey but you can also enjoy the luxurious interiors at night if you stop by for one of the best cocktails in town.   When we’re cash poor but craving a culinary treat, more often than not we end up at Chat Thai, 20 Campbell St. Haymarket in what they call Thaitown ;)  With great low prices, this gem has some of the best food in Sydney so we’re happy to join the cue for a taste of the action.

I must admit despite my love of food, I am not the most competent cook in the world so on those nights we’re too tired (read: lazy) to get presentable and go out, my girlfriends and I usually settle in for a video fest at mine and are fed by some of the mouth-watering takeaway food in Sydney.  As none of us look set to become the next Nigella just yet, we’re lucky so many fantastic eateries have jumped on the ordering-in train meaning we can enjoy the best takeaway food in Sydney  – in our pyjamas!

Image credits: Clipper coffee and amazing muffin : by Charles Haynes


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