Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Loving Hut @ Cabramatta


I have to admit, I am a lover of meat, the thought of eating at a Vegan restaurant would have never occurred to me, and the fact that I actually went to one is absolutely astounding. Loving Hut is an international restaurant (located in 26 countries), and continues to expand. The menu provides an array of vegan dishes, with the 'meat' dishes looking a lot their real meat counterparts. It was definitely a dining experience to remember, and will definitely go again.

Vegetarian Peking Duck
Peking Duck is always a crowd pleaser, but this time its mock duck meat. There is a textural difference compared to its real meat counterpart, where in this case it had a crispy skin. There was also slight differences in terms of presentation where the traditional peking duck dish is served with shallots, cucumber and hoi sin sauce, as Loving Hut add pickled carrot and coriander. The pickled carrot added an extra kick to the dish. Definitely my favourite dish of the day.

Sizzling vegetarian honey soy chicken
This was interesting. The sauce had a great taste, that wasn't to sweet or too sour and went great with the sizzling vegetables. What made this dish interesting was the 'chicken', it may be the first time that I find food hard to actually describe. There is that line of 'it tastes like chicken' but this didn't taste like chicken. It was chewier then normal chicken, but still contained a soft texture. Try it, and hopefully you can understand what I mean. It's actually indescribable.

Fried seaweed rolls
We ordered this because it sounded interesting..but it wasn't very nice. The outside was crunchy, but the inside was mushy. I have never tried a fried seaweed roll before so I guess I have nothing to compare it too. I wouldn't order this again though.

Spicy Tofu
Unfortunately, this was too chilli for me and I thought my chilli tolerance wasn't that bad. I tried one, and my mouth was on fire. I tried another piece in hope the result would be different, to my dismay no difference. It was harder than the traditional crunch of fried tofu that I usually eat and the tofu itself had more stability.

Vegetarian Bun Rieu - Vietnamese tomato noodle soup
This was another good dish. Tasted exactly the same as its meat counterpart, if anything possibly better in terms of the vegetables provided in the dish. It contained the same burst of flavour, where there is a mix of sweet and sourness to the soup resulting in a great balance. An ideal dish to order in this recent cold weather.
Good food, good times!


Anonymous 23 June 2012 at 12:59

We also went for a vegan experience a month ago at Bodhi and weren't that impressed by meat substitutes, being the carnivores we are :( But the Peking Duck at this place sounds promising!

spoonfulsofgoodness 23 June 2012 at 20:59

I have a vegetarian friend, and they said that Bodhi is a pretty bad vegetarian restaurant, and they aren't sure why it is rated so highly. Apparently it is really oily?

The peking duck is very promising!

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