Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Everest Kitchen @ Marrickville


Marrickville provides an array of restaurants and cafes and is slowly moving up as a top foodie destination. The Everest Kitchen (TEK) is a Nepalese restaurant situated in Marrickville surrounded by other restaurants. I went to TEK with a friend who has been to Nepal before, and they said '..this really reminds me of Nepal'. TEK is decorated with photographs of Nepal and colourful square banners that you see in a lot of the photos.

The shared entrée contained: vegetarian mo:mo (dumplings), lentil dumpling, soy bean salad, flat beaten rice, potato salad, mint sauce, potato cake and Nepalese salad. Everything on this entrée was delicious. The mo:mo's were dressed with a chilli sauce which gave it a nice punch. We weren't quite sure on how to eat the beaten rice, so we just ate it with random things on the plate. Either way, all so tasty!

The mains were: potato & pea curry and chicken curry with pappadums and tomato salsa with a side of rice. I thought the curries would taste similar to an Indian styled curry, but it was different, not as spicy or creamy. It did remind me of Govinda's though (if anyone has tried Govinda's). I found it to be filling which is always a good sign.

Dessert: rice pudding with Laal Mohan. This was strange, in a good and bad way. The good was the rice pudding which had shredded coconut and chocolate sauce. Now to the bad, Laal Mohan is a dough that is made of ghee, flour, some spices and milk. I had one bite, and not any more. It is supposed to be a traditional dessert, but I personally didn't like it. I am not sure on how to describe it, but if you are game enough to try it, go for it!

Even though I didn't like the Laal Mohan, the entire dining experience was delightful. The staff are friendly and cater for your needs. It has an intimate, yet casual atmosphere.

Good food, good times!


Tina 22 October 2012 at 22:59

:) I've never tried Nepalese cuisine before, this looks great! Thanks for sharing :)

Christine @ Cooking Crusade 23 October 2012 at 22:23

I've never tried Nepalese food before but it looks very interesting and yum! I'd love to give it a go :)

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