Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Two Two Fried Chicken @ Strathfield


On Friday Night I had dinner with my brother and his wife at Two Two fried chicken (2, The Boulevarde, Strathfield). Two two (for short) is a Korean restaurant that provides Korean styled fried chicken. After doing some research, I have found out that it is actually world renowned for its chicken, and has opened recently in the Philippines.

It is a small restaurant with the maximum capacity being 30-40 people. When we walked in we received the menu and a side dish of cubed pickled radish, but when looking at other peoples tables they also received popcorn. I am not sure if the waitress forgot, or that maybe they just didn't think we wanted it. It was strange, it seemed like a double standard had occurred. Apart from that, it was a great place to eat some chickeny goodness.

Two two have an arrangement of different flavoured chicken including garlic and soy sauce. After contemplating on what to order we decided on two plates of chicken and fries between the 3 of us.

Hot Chilli Chicken (whole) $27.00

Boneless Fried Chicken (whole) $25.00
A meal for 3!

If you love spice in your life then you will love the hot chilli chicken. The flavour hits you straight away. There was a bit of sweetness to it, but the more you eat, then the sweetness just disappears. After a while, it became a a bit to spicy for me so I moved onto the boneless fried chicken.

The boneless fried chicken tasted very similar to KFC. The main difference being that you can't  see the oil dripping off the meat. Some pieces were a bit dry, but that is the general rule of thumb when buying chicken.

The fries were just normal thick cut potatoes, but the tomato sauce (well what was thought to be tomato sauce) was very different. There was an alcoholic taste to it, something that tasted similar to rice wine. It was a peculiar taste. The pickled radish and salad provided a refreshing taste when the palate was overwhelmed with the chilli chicken, and the fried chicken.

Two two chicken was a great place to eat, with the food being filling and satisfying. If you ever want to eat some chickeny goodness, and don't want to resort to your local KFC then go to two two chicken!

Good food, good times!


Simon Leong 26 September 2011 at 23:45

that boneless fried chicken looks pretty good. i think i need to add this place to my wish list :-)

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