Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Bacco: Wine, Bar & Pasticcecia @ Chifley Plaza


Bacco: Wine, Bar & Pasticcecia (2 Chifley Plaza, Sydney)

Continuing on with the birthday festivities we went to Bacco: Wine, Bar & Pasticcecia @ Chifley Plaza. Bacco is an Italian restaurant located on the lower ground. As soon as you walk into Chilfley Plaza and look around all you see are people dressed up in suits on their lunch breaks or having meetings.  There was some confusion in the beginning with who was our waiter, and where we were being seated. There is no one that welcomes you into the restaurant as you walk in, but once you get settled its is a great experience. You know when an Italian restaurant is good when the actual waiters speak Italian.The atmosphere is classy, sophisticated and a great place for a fine dining experience. 

We were given complementary bread whilst deciding what to dig into. The menu has a wide variety with various cheese and meat platters, as well as pastas and other main meals. There is a lot to choose from with each item on the menu sounding delectable. The fun part is trying to name the dishes with an Italian accent (definitely best to leave it to the experts).

The mains were absolutely beautiful. We tried a little bit of each others meals. I somewhat regret getting a main meal that wasn't very Italian (the veal). I will definitely go for something more Italian next time. All their pastas are made fresh on the premises on a daily basis and you can definitely taste the difference. Nothing beats freshly made pasta! (even though it is something that I wouldn't do at home). Overall the mains were great with little to no criticism whatsoever. 

Cripsy Snapper filet in a cherry tomato, capers, ligurian olives and saffron potato $31

Home made fettuccine with artichoke pecorino and mint $29

Linguine pasta with marron, cherry tomato and broccoli $34

Wood fired grain fed veal cutlet with Mediterranean vegetable stack and basil $32

There is nothing like ending the day with some lovely desserts. The Bacco patisserie/cafe is right next to the restaurant on the lower ground. You are able to order any desserts displayed at the patisserie which are then served to you at the restaurant. The options are limited to the time of day you go. We were eating dessert at 3.00pm meaning that a lot of the desserts were sold out, but giving the options we were still very pleased. Each dessert only cost $7 which I found extremely cheap considering the standard. They each melted in your mouth with everyone clearing their plates, not leaving a crumb.

Strawberry mousse or cheesecake

 Three layers of Belgium coverture. Milk, Whilte and 70% Excellence on an almond sponge


There was a bit of confusion with the strawberry based dessert as one waiter said it was a cheesecake and another said it was a mousse. In my opinion it tasted like a mousse because it was light and fluffy and not as heavy tasting as a cheese cake. The dessert I ordered (TRIO CIOCLATO) was definitely my favourite. Even with three layers of chocolate it was light and absolutely delicious!!

I hope everyone at the birthday enjoyed their meal and again a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MINH DANG!

Good food, good times!


Michelle 7 August 2011 at 18:10

Great review, I loved the service at Bacco, the only thing I have to say is I wish the restaurant was more open in terms of it's space as it's target consumers are more targeted towards nearby office workers.

P.S Thanks for the HBD wishes ;)

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