Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ribs and Rumps @ Sydney Olympic Park


On Thursday I went with a bunch of friends to go see Cirque Du Soleil - Saltimbanco. Before the show we decided to eat, and considering the show was at Acer Arena, why not go to Ribs and Rumps (8 Dawn Fraser Avenue, Sydney Olympic Park)!

I love good quality cooked meat and Ribs and Rumps is the place to go. It is more expensive then hurricanes, and has a very close price to I'm Angus (both of which are located at Darling Harbour) but definitely worth the money.

The service at Ribs and Rumps needs some tweaking. I had gone in the day before to make a reservation for the Thursday. However, when we had arrived on the Thursday the booking wasn't in the system which I found rather strange. We still received a table but there seemed to be a lot of confusion. Once at the table we had several different waiters ask us if we were ready to order. The staff are friendly but I think there needs to be a bit more of an organising into allocation of staff to sections or tables.

After waiting for everyone to arrive we finally made our decisions on what to order. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of everyone's food because we were all just really hungry considering that most of us had a jam-packed day.

Chicken & Ribs - Half a succulent chicken and pork ribs $42.95

Ribs & Ribs & Ribs - A mouth-watering combo of pork, meaty beef and
 juicy lamb ribs $49.95

Ribs & Rumps original - 220g rump steak and beef ribs $44.95

Ribs - Half pork and half lamb
I had ordered the chicken & ribs. The ribs, I think the best I have had, but it is hard to compare after having a HUGE craving for ribs after 3 months without them. The meat on the ribs just falls of the bone and the sauce is finger-licking goodness! The chicken however was a bit of a disappointment (I guess that's what you get when you order chicken from a place called Ribs and Rumps hahaha). My original piece of chicken was undercooked, the inside was pink, and the meat towards towards the bone looked a tad raw. I called for a waiter who took my plate away (another issue with service is that they didn't tell me what was going on). After waiting for 10-20 minutes without anyone telling me what was going on, a waiter had come out with a plate saying that my first piece was undercooked, and here is a new one. The leg part of the chicken was moist and succulent with the marinade just making it taste wonderful. The breast part was rather dry, though I do understand the difficulty to making it moist. The marinade on the chicken definitely helps with counteracting the dryness. Overall it was a good piece of meat.
Everyone ended up being very pleased with their meals and would definitely go again. I had tried all the ribs and it is definitely worth the money. And if you are a meat lover, you will definitely love Ribs and Rumps!
Now, after our meat filled dining experience we went to watch Cirque Du Soliel -  Saltimbanco. It was a great show with laughs all around. They interacted with the audience  and in some cases people were actually brought onto the stage. The stunts and talents were mesmerising, where you wonder 'How is that even possible?' This was my second Cirque Du Soliel show (my first being Varekai) and I was a bit disappointed in Saltimbanco but it was still a great show either way. Everyone that came along had a good time and that's all the matters in the end.

Good food, good times!


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