Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vaz's Takeaway @ Mount Pritchard


I came across this place whilst browsing on Facebook where a few friends were tagged in a photo with a HUGE burger. After doing some research I found out it was from Vaz's Takeaway (35/33 Hamel Rd, Mt Pritchard).

Now, everyone loves a good burger and hopefully one that is reasonably priced and Vaz's is the place to go. I have to admit, the location isn't the greatest looking but you should never judge a book by its cover. It may be one of the only standing shops in the Mount Pritchard Shopping Centre, but it seems that everyone goes there for a good feed. It looks like your old school corner shops with the plastic walk through doors and a few seats here and there, but all you need is a counter to order your food.   

Vaz's Takeaway Shop Front

Vaz's Takeaway is famous for The Mighty Vaz's Ark Burger. Unfortunately, me and no one in my family was game enough to try to tackle such a challenge so we settled for all different burgers on the menu. These burgers included:

  • BURGER WITH THE LOT - 100% Beef, onions, crisp lettuce, tomato, beetroot, egg, bacon, pineapple and cheese $4.50
  • MEXICANA CHILLI BURGER - 100% Beef patty, onion, crisp lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cheese with Vaz’s special home made chilli sauce $4.50
  • BEEF BURGER - 100% beef, crisp lettuce, onions, tomato, and your choice of sauce $3.50
  • CHICKEN BURGER - Chicken schnitzel, lettuce and mayo $5.00

I wasn't able to take a photo of the other burgers because by the time I got my camera out the family had already started digging in. I had the Mexicana Chilli burger and it was one very good burger, make that one great burger! At the moment I have to say it is the best and probably cheapest burger I have date.

The beef patty is flattened out to the perfect thickness without being to dry or to oily and just melts in your mouth. The cheese is perfectly melted on top of the beef patty adding a whole new element of tasty goodness. Also the vegetables on the burger tasted nice and fresh as they still contained their crispness. I couldn't really taste the sauce that was on the burger, so we bought a separate chilli sauce to dip the fries in and it was good. It didn't taste to spicy, so for all those people who can't handle chilli, you will definitely be able to handle this sauce. And when you combine all those elements together you get a close to  perfect burger.

Now, normally when you eat a good burger you can see the oil come through and therefore  the bun sometimes becomes soggy. This was not the case, when on the last bite everything tastes perfect and fresh just as the first bite (maybe due to the fact it was eaten extra fast), either way it was finger licking goodness. The fries were perfect with crispy outside and soft inside, and only a few were left over by the end of the meal.

MEXICANA CHILLI BURGER - 100% Beef patty, onion, crisp lettuce, tomato, 
beetroot, cheese with Vaz’s special home made chilli sauce
Half way through the burger

You can't have a burger without fries!

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that wants a good burger, I know it can be out of the way for some people, but I think its worth the trip. Get friends or family together and make it an outing! =D

Good food, good times!


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